NSD Validation

Internal process for a NSD Validation

NSD Validation (Manual process)

This page describes the process for validating a NSD. This manual process will be replaced in near future by an automated process.

Portal submission

The NSD archive is submitted to the portal. This automatically creates a ticket in Product: 5GinFIRE Operations, Component: Validation see: https://portal.5ginfire.eu/bugzilla/buglist.cgi?component=Validation&list_id=186&product=5GinFIRE Operations&resolution=---
This first step triggers that at least the portal has correctly parsed the descriptor.

NSD Onboard by portal administrator

The NSD is then onboarded by the portal administrator to the 5GinFIRE OSM component at 5TONIC.
The issue changes assignee to a person in 5TONIC/UC3M/OSM team (Ivan?)
In nominal situation the NSD will get a status ONBOARDED. The Bugzilla ticket status is changed to RESOLVED-FIXED and the NSD is marked as Valid (in order for the NSD to appear in the list for Deployment Requests).
Exception: if there is no way to onboard it due to errors, the ticket status is changed to VERIFIED the NSD should be marked as NOT-VALID and the 5TONIC team needs to manually identify why this is not possible

OSM verification

The 5TONIC/UC3M/OSM team will try to check the NSD (* this could also involve the Mentor of the experiment*)
If the team claims that the NSD is valid or invalid, changes the issue in Bugzilla accordingly, so that portal administrators and NSD creator are notified.


If everything is ok, the NSD should be available for usage in experiments.