The Unifier Gateway

A quick summary of Unifier Gateway

The Unifier Gateway

A pre-5G Mobile Edge private connectivity enabler

b<>com Unifier Gateway is a SDN based private network framework enabling end to end broadband, IoT and WebRTC critical communications to be carried out in a full secure manner in small to medium size buildings or industrial sites.

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Key features

  • Security: Unified SIM based WLAN/LTE authentication approach (EAP-AKA, EPS-AKA), patented and distributed SDN based firewalling solution, pre-5G slice based architecture ensuring isolation between services
  • Service continuity: Unified DHCP that enables seamless mobility between connected RAN for all services profiles
  • Onboarding and Provisioning: Zero touch installation and provisioning (Heat, Ansible playbooks)
  • Inexpensive: Compatible to Commercial Off-The-Shelf Wi-Fi Access Points and eNodeBs, Instanciation on standard IT infrastructure


  • SDN (Openflow v1.3, OpenDaylight controller)
  • Openstack Pike
  • Preloaded with Full LTE EPC (MME, S/P-GW, HSS), 3GPP Rel10 compliant
  • WLAN 802.1x protocols
  • EAP-AKA, EPS-AKA SIM based authentication mechanisms

Deployment in Bristol Smart City Safety Testbed

b<>com Unifier Gateway is deployed in Bristol Smart City Safety Testbed as a PNF (Physical Network Function), with a dedicated hardware to provide "5G-in-a-box" solution.

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b<>com Unifier Gateway has deployed according to the architecture detailed in the figure just below.



b<>com Unifier Gateway is deployed in IT-AV AUTOMOTIVE TESTBED as a VNF (Virtual Network Function) hosted on a edge cloud operated by IT-Aveiro. It follows the architecture detailed in the figure just below.



Michel Corriou, b<>com Research Institute
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